Who is Jennifer Madison Massage in Glens Falls?

Jennifer Madison Massage Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it…see what my clients are saying about the benefits of massage for health, wellness and wellbeing! Now located in downtown Glens Falls, Jennifer Madison Massage offers experienced relaxation, comfort and stress relief through massage.

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“Just a HUGE thank you note for fitting me in yesterday. From when I left your care my shoulders were feeling so much better and especially the more damaged left shoulder. I went right back to work and had such a better range of motion that I was able to reach for, grab and lift items above my shoulders with ease, which I have not been able to do for months. We have loaded rowing shells since 3:00 AM this morning and my shoulders are really functional, allowing me to do what I need to do. Also, thanks for your referral to Kat at the acupuncture place. Nice and sharp practitioner as you described. Truly thankful that you know what you know and do what you do.” ~ Peter

“Just a BIG THANK YOU for your services last week. You really are a miracle worker. Specifically the work that you did on my arms, but in particular my right arm, made it or allowed it to function as if it was 10 or 15 years younger, from strength to flexibility. Post our session I reached for objects over my head at work to use and also put away when done and with total arm and shoulder comfort. I reached, grabbed, lowered and lifted the objects so easily. This was not the reality before your session, Jen. You are the “Pro’s Pro”, Jen. I need my body to function daily and heavily, and the lifetime of this has added up at this age for me. You have really reversed this damage through extreme use. Thanks so much!” ~ Pete

“Jen asked me right away where I carried my stress and where I experienced any stress or discomfort. My lower back always gives me problems and she was thoughtful in asking if the pressure was right, and thorough in massaging out the stress balls in my shoulders. Her office is serene, relaxing, and inviting. I felt better immediately after and still feel great a week later!” ~ Jessica B.

“Just had ANOTHER fantastic massage today from Jennifer. From the atmosphere of the room, too the posturepedic foam heated table…just awesome!! Thanks again Jennifer.” ~ Katie K.

“Jennifer gives a fantastic and relaxing massage. She is great and professional at what she does!” ~ Mike M.

“Want a great gift idea? Get your loved one a massage from Jen! Smiles all day long from the fiance’. Jen is calming and is great to talk to and an expert in her trade.” ~ Brad L.

“I’ve had massages before and wasn’t real impressed. I was very impressed with Jennifer!!! What a wonderful experience…so relaxing yet you know when she hits the spots that are tense!!! The difference between getting a massage from a professional and just anyone is huge. Thanks Jennifer….looking forward to my next massage!” ~ Sandra B.

“I’ve been getting massages from Jennifer for the past year or so. I see myself going to her for the rest of my life. It’s more on the preventative side that I go. It also feels really good. I strongly recommend everybody to use her.” ~ Jim M.

“I have been trying several natural remedies for years to combat my allergies. When I was introduced to massage for my sinuses I was skeptical that it would really give me any relief. However, it really does work! Jennifer specifically spends time on my sinuses each session and I have found a lot of results from this. I can actually feel drainage start to occur while I am on her table. Depending on how bad they are, my sinuses also may drain for another day or two afterwards. It really has helped relieve the pressure. Jen has also helped to relive the soreness and stiffness in between my shoulders from being hunched over a computer all day. It’s amazing how much better I feel from regular massage.” ~ Lisa B., Hudson Falls

“For a wonderful, deep massage, Jen is the one to go to! I always feel so great afterwards and it is very therapeutic- both physically and mentally.” ~ Jessica N.

“I was never convinced massages were worth it…pleasurable, yes, but I could take it or leave it….that is until Jennifer. As a favor to a friend I went and WOW she is good!!!! I started going monthly and all those knots that cause tightness and aches went away. After a year of monthly visits I was beginning to wonder if I needed to go as often, I was feeling so good. Due to family issues my monthly routine was adjusted so I just had my 2nd massage in the last 4 months. Though I am active, my job requires a lot of sitting which for a woman over 50 can be just as tough on your body as over doing it. I am now convinced a regular massage with a good masseuse is worth it, well worth it! Jennifer is great at what she does and I will be sure to keep my monthly visits with her.”