Is Social Media Stressing You Out?

social media stress

I think we’ve all seen the posts on Facebook saying “ Gotta take a break from this for a while, if you need to get in touch with me, use something other than social media” posts from various friends of ours. And, even though I might post a blog every week, at times I have to rein in my social media consumption because it “stresses me out”. So I did a little research and found that the experts say that use of social media stresses some people out for sure, but others not as much.

Can it really be that social media use is not directly associated with stress, but for some, social media use can still lead to higher levels of stress?

The answer: The relationship between stress and social media use is indirect. It is the social uses of digital technologies, and the way they increase awareness of distressing events in others’ lives, or our desire for immediate gratification in the email/text message world, that explains how the use of social media can result in users feeling more stress.

But Facebook, email and text messaging all allow us to share information with friends and family in the form of photos, short messages, the contact info of the plumber you just used. As a result of this communication, we are aware and reminded of more activities in the lives of friends and family. Less stress for sure!

Stress is something that plagues many of our lives. Did you know that relaxation and stress relief is just one of the many benefits of massage? Give me a call at 744-2315 to book an appointment!

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