Quick Tips to Reduce Stress

reduce stress

In light of Martin Luther King day and Inauguration week, I’m trying to theme these really cool one minute tips to reduce stress. Please remember my blog about humor, and take no offense at my political leanings.

Pull out a calming photograph

Whether it is Barack Obama on a beach or an adorable kitten being held by Donald Trump, looking at something pretty does effect changes in the brain. It either brings us back to the present moment or distracts us by taking us away to somewhere else way far away from worrying what the next 4 years are going to bring us.

Practice gratitude

Remind yourself that you have your health, family or career. That Martin Luther King paved the way for civil rights in our country, and that our forefathers saw fit to create a constitution chock full o’ checks and balances! Keep a list handy of a few things you’re grateful for that you can refer to when feeling stressed.

Listen to music, preferably alone

Whether you prefer our national anthem, “We Will Overcome”, or ACDC, music is a powerful way to reduce stress. Songs can evoke memories (so as long as the music you choose evokes HAPPY memories for you, you should be alright), but more than that, the beat of the music helps our bodies get our breathing in sync.

Massage your ears

Okay, I’ve run out of anything I think might be clever to say on this one, but we all have ears, and ears are covered in acupuncture/shiatsu points. Rubbing them gently can ease tension throughout the body. Focus specifically on the crease between the back of your ears and skull, especially if you wear glasses or spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen.

Quick tips like these are a great way to reduce your stress levels throughout the day. But if you find you need a little more, give me a call at (518) 744-2315 to schedule an appointment at my Glens Falls location! Massage therapy is a great way to help relieve all that political stress and tension.

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