Do I Really Need a New Mattress? How Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep

replace mattress for better sleep

Its been going on for months. That feeling of sinking into a pit of quicksand that I can’t get out of. The sagging. The sagging??? Wait! What did you think I was talking about?! My mattress is the actual subject. God, I’m so funny sometimes, aren’t I?

Seriously though. I’ve been thinking it’s time for a new mattress since last fall. And I just googled the symptoms:

  • Muscle soreness and stiffness when you get up
  • There’s a dent in the mattress (actually 2 dents- his and hers, if you will)
  • You wake up feeling stuffy
  • Oh, wait, the fact that our mattress is at least 10 years old (possibly closer to 12). UGH.

A good mattress lasts 9 to 10 years, according to the National Sleep Foundation, but consider replacing a mattress every 5 to 7 years if you have sleep troubles. A study at Oklahoma State University found that most people who switched to new bedding after 5 years sleep significantly better and have less back pain.

I have to remember that the last client who had to bite the bullet and buy a new mattress, hasn’t stopped telling me what a good decision it was. I know, I know, but it so much more fun to spend one’s hard earned money on a vacation. Buying a mattress is right up there in my opinion with having to buy new car tires. Or a hot water heater. Okay, okay. I’ve only done a dozen blogs over the years about how important sleep is. I guess its time to listen to my own advice and get a new mattress.

How about getting a massage along with your new mattress to really up your sleep game? Massage therapy not only relieves stress, but also improves sleep patterns! Give me a call or contact me online to setup an appointment.

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