5 Quick & Easy Ways to Improve Your Mood

improve mood

The easiest, quickest pick-me-ups for those of us with only a minute to spare!

1. Step into a cold blast.

Hehheh. Crank the shower to cold for a few seconds if you dare, or at the very least splash your face with cold water. Even just a brief exposure to the cold is invigorating many experts say.

2. Opt for orange.

The bright color is stimulating. Why? We associate orange with energy, and our body (and mood) responds in kind. Throw on a vibrant orange sweater, pour a glass of orange juice, or use an orange accent rug.

3. Open your heart.

Yoga. I’m talking yoga. There are many “heart opening” postures in a yoga practice, and they’re designed in part, to bring up our energy.

4. Turn on the tunes.

Research shows that music you like will deliver a dose of positivity. Genre doesn’t matter as long as the music jazzes you up.

5. Get a whiff of citrus.

Try an essential oil pick me up! Citrus (Orange!) or even rosemary are naturally uplifting.

Still have a case of the blahs? Try some of my other easy pick-me-ups! Or give me a call at (518) 744-2315 to discuss other ways I can help you improve your mood, sleep better and more!

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