Practice Gratitude for a Healthier You!

practice gratitude

Gratitude, it has been said, can do wonders for your health. Recent research holds that a thankful attitude can improve sleep and self-esteem, reduce pain, alleviate anxiety and depression, and increase your oval satisfaction with life. It has been shown that keeping a gratitude journal and writing about positive experiences can amplify happiness and optimism.

It’s interesting how this simple act can re-frame your way of thinking. For instance take the ever stressful example of a hot water heater not working. Instead of succumbing to the stress and letting it color your day, what about re-framing the situation (after you’ve got a plan to fix it in place, of course!) as “well, I’m grateful that is taken care of….thankful that I had the money to pay to have it fixed, or grateful that it didn’t happen when you had a house full of company…”

Try it this week! No matter what stressful situation comes your way, once the dust has settled try to find a way to be grateful. Then write it down. And then tell me where your stress level is at!

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