6 Plants to Help Cultivate Better Sleep

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I’ve been really longing for spring! Here’s a way to get started early (from an article I stumbled upon from AARP magazine) Insomnia? Allergies? Stress? Let’s clear the air. Some houseplants not only remove toxins in our environment but also promote drowsiness, several studies confirm.

Give these plants a try in your bedroom to help cultivate better sleep:


Jasmine fragrance, working in ways similar to barbiturates, eases anxiety and encourages sleep. German researchers tested the scent on mice an watched them curl up an sleep.


English Ivy plants help clear the air of mold spores, says a former NASA scientist who has researched how to keep space station air clean.


Lavender bouquets and essential oils are popular as sleep inducers, but try a houseplant too.


A hardy succulent, it vacuums up unhealthy indoor chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while you catch your zzz’s, another NASA study showed.


Back in the day, upscale hangouts were called fern bars because of this ubiquitous decoration. Turns out that Boston ferns remove formaldehyde from the air.


No green thumb? Snake plants, an air cleaner, is about the simplest to care for.

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