Stress Management for Animals: Reducing Your Pet’s Anxiety

pet anxiety stress

Stress management is my game, so here’s three ways you can help your pets manage their stress, and help you keep calm too!

Anxiety makes life tough for pets sometimes. We’ve seen them run from the vacuum cleaner, or try to hide during a thunderstorm…and, god forbid, you don’t feed them right on schedule! This stress trickles down to their owners, so here’s some ways to reduce your pet’s anxiety and in doing so, reduce your stress too!

1. Be consistent.

Unpredictability is unsettling for a pet, and animals who know what to expect tend to stay calm. Feed them, play with them, and walk them at the same time every day: even on the weekends. Teach all family members to treat pets consistently.

2. Build confidence.

When a pet knows what to expect (consistency) it boosts their confidence. Confidence decreases your pet’s anxiety. Training is a way to boost a pups confidence, and for cats, playing “hunt” several times every day boosts confidence.

3. Be a calm pet parent.

Animals, especially dogs are masters at reading the body language and emotional temperature of their people. Staying calm and confident yourself is one of the best things you can do for your pet’s anxiety.

Need some assistance in achieving that calm and confident attitude? Contact me today to discuss how my massage therapy services can help you be a stress-free, calm pet parent!

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