Environment Matters! Organize Your Environment to Improve Health

organize your environment

According to Real Simple magazine, Doctors and professional organizers may seem like strange bedfellows, but with research linking our environment and our health, how we arrange our homes can be the difference between whether we gain or lose weight, rock or skip a workout, and leave work happy or stressed.

“You need to strategically organize in a way that makes it easier to achieve your goals, ” says psychologist and former personal trainer Susan Rudnicki, PhD, of Dunwoody, Georgia. So if the chips are blocking the whole grains in your ultra tidy pantry you’re only halfway there.

Here are some pointers from health experts and organizing pros to help:

For Fitness

Have a workout clothes station in your closet, or dedicate a drawer to them (no excuses for not being able to find clean workout clothes), and keep sneakers and a spare set of workout clothes in your car (for spur of the moment fitness opportunities, say, if an appointment cancels and you find yourself with a spare hour on your hands).

In the Kitchen

Put good for you food on display (people tend not to eat what they can’t see, so hide the goodies too!), update your spice cabinet (spices can make boring foods more appealing), and clear the counter tops (cluttered kitchens can bring on the munchies – for real! They’ve done studies).

At the Office

Move your desk (orienting your work space so that any windows run alongside the desk minimizes eye fatigue), rotate visual inspiration (A survey shows that art in the work space made folks happier, more inspired, and more relaxed. But if you leave the same ones up too long they lose their spice, so rotate or reintroduce new stuff every so often to engage your brain and remain motivated), and organize your desk by time frame (Clutter overwhelms the visual cortex. Which means a messy desk makes your brain work harder to accomplish the same tasks. Experts recommend dividing your desk into past, present and future sections).

Even this massage therapist uses organization in her massages! There is my normal routine which is very useful, even if you need me to do some focused work on your neck one time, and your lower back the next. My routine makes it so that if you have a serious issue that requires more time, I know where to “steal” the time from, and create the a la carte massage you need! Call me at (518) 744-2315 to book a massage and see it in action!

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