Not All Calories Are Created Equal

Not All Calories Are Created Equal

You may be surprised not all calories are created equal. (Most of this info is coming from my May/June 2018 Massage& Bodywork magazine) It’s true that fruits and vegetables have more nutrients for our bodies, but what about our souls? I mean, c’mon we heard of Soul food aka comfort foods. Mac and Cheese. Fried anything. Ice Cream. Cookies. Probably I ought to stop now.

Calories, the energy obtained from food, do count. But not all calories are equal. As a massage therapist I hear a lot of dieting stories from clients (body image comes up ALL the time in my world).Many are on whatever the latest diet is, some eat “perfectly” and can’t shed a pound- in fact, many of them still gain weight. This is because food contains subtle energy, not only physical energy, and it’s the ubltle energy of a food that often determines its physical and emotional effects.

As compared to physical energy, subtle energy is less measurable and predictable, but so much more powerful. Subtle energies actually organize physical matter. Subtle energies determine what shows up in our body, and cause the conditions creating food cravings, dislikes, issues, and reactions.

There are 3 basic types of subtle energies that impact our relationship with food- Feelings, frequencies, and forces.

This week I’ll cover Feelings. Stay tuned next week for frequencies and forces .

Feelings– It’s well known that our relationship with food is largely based on emotions. Emotions are formed when at least one feeling and belief conjoin to produce a motivating instinct. Our emotions are regulated in 3 areas of our body: Our gut, our brain, and our heart.

Gut related emotions create body based feelings. this means emotional experience slinked to a specific food can produce digestive ease or irregularity. For instance, if you grew up with a mean grandmother who forced you to eat white bread at her house, you will likely grow up to hate white bread. No surprise there. But you may also very well encounter an allergic reaction to white bread which is founded in the same emotional response to your mean grandmother. And you will likely NOT experience an allergic reaction to darker varieties of bread. How is this possible? The enteric (digestive) nervous system is composed of 500 million total neurotransmitters which produce hormonal, biochemical, and electromagnetic patterns and responses. In other words , an emotionally triggering food can stimulate anything from an illness to a stomachache.

What about the brain? In general, our brain responds to foods base on memory associations. Ready for some science-y stuff?? Here goes. Conclusions (memory associations) about food are stored in the hypothalamus, which links our thinking brain with our primitive/survival brain. Our hypothalamus actually determines our subtle or subconscious reactions to a food. while a food might need to actually be eaten for our gut to react (even emotionally), not so where our brain is involved. For instance- lets say your grandma’s awesome now- and you felt closest to her when you ate chocolate covered cherries together. Now you often crave chocolate covered cherries because your brain associates them with love. Guess what? there isn’t a chocolate covered cherry in the world that will make you sane weight. When a positive mmoy is associated with a food, the hypothalamus will stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. The food- or even the thought of it, will relax us. In turn, our gut will cheerily metabolize the heck out of that food. We’ll burn the calories and feel great.

Conversely, if we had been shamed while indulging in chocolate covered cherries, the negative correlation with the food would activate the sympathetic nervous system making the food harder to digest. Not only that, but the extra calories will more easily be stored as body fat, the healthy gut bacteria will diminish in count, the body will become more toxic, and the resulting stress will raise the heart rate and the body’s production of cortisol and insulin. WHEW!! Over time the consumption off negative charged food can cause chronic inflammation, disease- processes, allergies, sensitivities and autoimmune dysfunctions. DAYUUUM.

The final frontier is the heart.
While the heart is a physical powerhouse of electromagnetic and hormonal activity, it is also the center of the spiritual self. In general, foods perceived to reflect spiritual qualities are more life enhancing, while those associated with harmful spiritual norms are more destructive. In other words, foods can carry spiritual blessings.

Intentional Chocolate is a brand of chocolate infused with good intentions by monks. A study published in 2007 showed that this chocolate increase a subject’s well being, vigor, and energy between 67-1000%. There is a reason why most spiritual traditions recommend that we pray over our food.

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