Natural Ways to Beat Fatigue

massage for fatigue

How tired are you right now? If the very question could make you weep, you’re in good company. A study done by researchers at the University of S Florida College of Nursing recently reported that nearly 60% of women in midlife struggle with fatigue, and that it is a problem that reaches its peak at this time of year, when the days are short and the weather dreary.

Now, we all know that it is impossible to function at top speed from dawn til dusk, there are plenty of ways to replenish yourself! And, you guessed it, massage is one of them! Though most of my clients report a strong desire to curl up and take a nap at the end of their massage, and complain vociferously that I’m kicking them out too soon, a 60 minute massage is the equivalent to the body of about 8 hrs sleep! And when I’m done, its just like you woke up in the morning. So, how long does it take you to get going on an average morning? 20/30 minutes? That’s about how long the “tiring” effects of a massage last. Then you perk up, and carry on refreshed and better than ever!

Here are some other great ways to beat fatigue:

  1. Exercise: Yes, it is a bit counter-intuitive, but exercising when you’re tired, energizes you rather than sapping more energy.
  2. Eat clean: What a pain in the butt….but it works!
  3. Breathe deeply: most of us don’t inhale all the way, but deep breathing for 2 minutes can wake us up quite nicely!

If the dreary winter weather has you feeling permanently sleepy, give me a call at (518) 744-2315 to book a massage appointment. Not only will it give your body the rest it needs, but it will help you sleep better too!

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