Mindfulness, Your Body, and Massage!


Prevention Magazine (my favorite source of interesting tidbits to share!) recently had an article about mindfulness. Mindfulness is something we have all heard of before, but what is it really? Its very simple: mindfulness is a form of meditation which only requires you to pay attention.

“Mindfulness means being intentionally present in whatever you’re doing with an engaged curiosity of some kind” says Elisha Goldstein, a psychotherapist and author.

Mindfulness is a challenge for most of us as we rush through our days on autopilot, going from one errand, obligation or social event to another. Harvard researchers have found that we spend up to 50% of our lives distracted by past or future concerns rather than in full awareness of our surroundings at any given moment. This frenetic activity taxes our brains and bodies.

I always feel that getting a massage is a great way to practice mindfulness. Use the time to just let go and take a walk in your body. Check in with it, see how its doing. Ask it a question or two if there’s something physical you’ve been struggling with, and then just relax and listen to what it tells you. Personally, I can’t think of a more useful and pleasant way to get some great information that might help you take care of yourself!

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