Warm Weather Brings Outdoor Activities, So Be Sure to Take Care of Your Back!


How many of you took advantage of the amazingly beautiful weather we had over the weekend and spent some time outside doing something physical…riding your bike, hiking, raking, cleaning brush piles, throwing a ball, walking the dog, raking?

Now, how many of you are paying price today with a sore back? Yeah, me too. The weather is going to keep getting nicer and we are all going to want to keep enjoying it, so keep your body happy (especially your back) and get a massage. You won’t believe the difference!

While raking can take up one afternoon, it can take weeks to months to recover from a back injury or the flare-up of a previous injury. It is a fact (look it up!) that massage can get you back on your feet quicker by reducing pain and speed up healing time. The science of it isn’t too complicated…basically, when we get injured, the area experiences inflammation in the muscles and joints. This inflammation puts pressure on blood vessels and circulation decreases. Obviously, this is going to irritate the nerves surrounding the area and causes pain. Massage therapy decreases this pressure and increases blood flow.

Massage relaxes tight muscles and the nervous system, improves range of motion, and improves sleep and mood. Making a massage part of your normal health routine will improve your physical wellness, so contact me today and together we will come up with the best massage schedule for your needs.

With all of the different types of massages, it may be difficult for you to decide which massage therapy for back pain. I am experienced in providing specific areas of massage that help with back pain and other capacities of health and wellness at my professional massage therapy office in Glens Falls NY.

Call me today at (518) 744-2315 to schedule your appointment! Gift certificates available!

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