Packing “Heat”: Massage For Your Muscles During Hot Weather

Massage For Muscles During Hot Weather Glens Falls

Welcome to our August heat wave! (As if you hadn’t noticed!)

In this extreme heat and humidity, if you are a runner, rider, gardener, hiker, etc… you are most certainly using muscles, and you need to make sure your muscles are in peak condition. Consider massage for your muscles during extremely hot weather conditions!

Our muscles and tissues require lots of fluids, as well as good nutrition to enable them to function properly, to avoid spasms and sprains, and in the heat this is very difficult to do. When we work or exercise hard, our muscles build up lactic acid, this is normal, but often it can become lodged within the muscles fibers and tissues, causing spasms or strains to occur, it can shorten our range of motion as well as creating what people call “Knots” in the muscle.

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