Make Over Your Morning Routine

morning routine

Even for a morning person like myself sometimes morning can be rough. Here’s a few pointers. How many of these things do you do?

1. When the alarm goes off… WAKE UP. Tempting as it is, absolutely do NOT use the snooze. You may steal a few extra minutes in bed, but being jolted awake repeatedly delvers fragmented sleep which makes you feel groggy and fatigued. To get more ACTUAL sleep, figure out the latest time you need to be up, then set your alarm for then. Feeling zonked out in the mornings probably means you need more sleep, so go to bed earlier little by little – eventually you won’t need an alarm at all.

2. When you open your eyes…practice a pep talk. Your thoughts significantly impact your energy levels for the day, so if your brain is telling you in its whiny voice “Its too early” or in its sarcastic voice ” Another day living the dream”, flip the script to something more positive: “I love mornings”- no sarcastic voice allowed. If you need a reminder, stick a note to your night stand- it’s that important.

3.When you get up…open the shades. Natural light flips your brain’s switch from sleep to awake, and there’s nothing better than sunlight to do the job. What’s more, a study published in the journal Sleep Health found that morning light exposure can help you snooze more soundly later that night, so you’ll likely feel better the next morning. If the sun’s rays are not an option because it’s still dark out, second best is turning on the lights to get as much bright light in the room as possible.

4. Before you leave the bedroom…stretch. Do 5-10 deep breaths and a few stretches. This gets your big muscles moving and increases blood flow to the other parts of your body…which will wake you up!

5. When you get ready to brew your coffee….WAIT!. It pays to delay because levels of stress hormones are highest when you first wake up. Caffeine is more effective later in the morning when those levels start to decrease, so have your first cup then.

6. When you open your fridge…Grab water. You’re most likely dehydrated from the long night, and being parched is an energy sapper says a study in the Journal of Nutrition.

7. After you get dressed…tidy your space. The mere act of making your bed can bring a sense of calm and take you out of sleep mode. Calm, but awake! The perfect combo!

How’d your mental check list go? I do about 5 out of these 7, and they really work! If you’re still struggling, don’t forget that better sleep and reduced stress are two of the amazing benefits of massage. Contact me to set up an appointment!

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