Healing Energy: Just Because You Don’t See It, Doesn’t Mean It Doesn’t Exist!


Every now and again, I get a question about energy work from a client…”Do you believe in Reiki?” or “What are chakras?” These questions really make me squirm because I feel conflicted about healing energy work. First, I absolutely believe that energy is a powerful thing within ourselves and between each other. It’s real. Secondly, it is so damned hard to explain! I think that because of the mystic justification many individuals tend to put on something difficult to explain, that the transferring of energy may be misrepresented as a greater source of healing than it is. But, at the same time….it can be more powerful than massage, pills, or exercise….See? I’m conflicted and squirming right now!

Let’s look at the couple of different types of energy:

  1. Physical energy – Whew! This one’s easy! It is measurable. It is the caffeine in our coffee; the adrenaline when we’re surprised, and the reason we sweat when we exercise.
  2. Subtle energy – Waaaaay less measurable. It’s quantum (related to physics), meaning it doesn’t always behave in ways that relate to our everyday perception of time and space. We think it’s there, but can’t quite put our finger on it. Subtle energy relates to chakras, meridians, reiki, love, prayer…..the list goes on.

So, here’s an example: Imagine you are on a steamer in 1853 and yellow fever breaks out. The ship’s surgeon loses every patient he attends to, totaling 74, but Dr. James Rogers Newton, a passenger who pitches in, saves every person he assists because of his belief in not only utilizing medicine (such as what was available in 1853), but also, and more importantly, uses the subtle energy of love while caring for them. Which one would you rather have been in the care of?

Just because we can’t see it, and it’s really hard to explain, doesn’t mean it isn’t real. We are constantly exchanging energy, and healing energy and massage go hand in hand. Read more about Electricity, Healing Energy and Massage.

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