Get Rid of Mental Clutter!

Clear your mind. (thank you September 2018 Real Simple magazine)

It’s one of those great ironies of life: We’re too frantically busy to deal with the things that make us FEEL frantically busy. Tackling them might feel like a someday project, but here we share strategies to easy your mind and let you enjoy life a lot more now.

Banish nagging thoughts: You might be a frequent victim of the Zeigarnik effect, named after a Russion psychologist who realized that a waiter could more easily recall incomplete orders than served ones. The follow up study showed that people are 90% more likely to remember undone tasks than those they completed. SO!!! Tell your brain WHEN you’ll get a task done. It kills the worry loop.

Control what’s possible: When we don’t know how something will work out, we worry in order to get certainty. A study found that 85% of things people fretted about had neutral or positive outcomes. But the loop is tiresome. So throw yourself into something you CAN accomplish. It banishes the anxiety for the time being, and you can feel good about a job completed.

Streamline your choices: We are inundated with options for everything from house paint to olive oil. In stores. Online. You either end up getting nothing, or convinced you’ve made the wrong choice. So, limit your choices. Pick one place to shop, and allow yourself only a handful of possibilities. With practice this gets easier.

Loosen up on perfections: We’ve reached a tipping point in perfection. People are realizing we can’t do it all at the level we’re used to. Divvy up responsibilities with a partner, even if he or she does them differently. And decide which tasks can get a minimum effort, which a moderate effort, and which get the maximum. You may be surprised that everything still works out OK 🙂

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