Finding Focus: Train Your Brain for Better Concentration

finding focus

The processing speed of our brains starts to decline at the ripe old age of 24. Yup. You read that right, 24. (And you thought you were feeling old before I shared that little tidbit, didn’t you?) According to a study at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia with processing decline comes a diminishing ability to switch from one task to another or manage interruptions. (Sigh…sounds overwhelmingly familiar). Older adults also struggle to filter out irrelevant information, which is why conversations can be challenging in busy restaurants.(Again, I can completely relate…can you?)

Here’s 5 ways to help regain and retain that focus!

1. Grab a good novel. In a study at Emory University in Atlanta, subjects who read at night showed increased connectivity in the part of the brain associated with language, and these increases persisted for 5 days after participants finished the book!

2. Work in the morning. In a study by the Roman Research Institute, participants performed better on cognitive tasks and were more focused when tested in the morning.

3. Play an instrument, or meditate. Or write without interruption for 30 minutes. Focusing on a single complex task improves your overall ability to focus on other tasks, and making it a habit can result in a better ability to get in a relaxed focused state for other activities.

4. Learn a language. Research at the University of Birmingham in England found that bilingual speakers were better at maintaining focus and attention than monolinguals.

5. Chew gum. In a test involving the recall of random numbers, those who were chewing gum responded more quickly and accurately than those who were not.

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