Exploring the Body with Pain Relief Massage

pain relief massage

Communication continued. Remember last week? It was all about location location location. And easily solved with a pain relief massage – just point to where it hurts. Now let’s talk about how people describe the nature of their pain.

Dull achy. Deep ache. Like a tooth ache. And then there is…Sharp shooting. It gives me zingers. Stabbing like needles. Burning. Tingling. Numb. Tight. It catches when I move it.

Just to name a few. No quick answer about how to get to the root of the problem here.

Some of these descriptions are definitely more alarming to a massage therapist than others. Faced with the descriptions numb, tingling or burning I must tread with caution as those words might indicate nerve impingement or loss of sensation (which can come from structural issues or muscular issues).

In any case, every pain relief massage I give to people is very much an exploration of their body. I like to think of it as if I’m giving them a guided tour – like someone with a flashlight walking them through their house, exploring empty rooms that have been forgotten. Some rooms have a sense of immediacy and relevance, while their nervous system senses that other areas are old and while they were once problematic are now relegated to the background.

Hopefully this guided tour gets them to answer as to how they should proceed with their particular pain. Is a pain relief massage the thing that is going to help most, or should they explore acupuncture and/or chiropractic. Or do they need an imaging study and an orthopedic or a neurologist? Only they truly know, and my guided tour should help them figure it out.

Wow. Those are some pretty fancy words to describe a massage from my end… Did I communicate it well enough? 😉

Remember folks! My schedule pretty much changes every week, so if you’re looking for a pain relief massage, it never hurts to ask! Here are my next soonest upcoming openings barring cancellations:

  • 8:30am Tuesday October 4
  • 2:30pm Friday October 14
  • 10am Tuesday October 25

Let me know if I can hook you up with a guided tour of your own body! Give me a call at (518) 744-2315 or contact me online to book an appointment.

Have a great week!

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