How to Fight Back Against Energy Sappers!

The day has hardly started and you already feel defeated. Don’t let these things sap your energy and drag you down.

Stressful emails

Even a five minute phone check can suck you in, draining your mental energy. Technology is constantly trying to pull you off course. If you start your day on your device, you’re starting it out in a reactive way. Emails can set off your internal alarms. Claim your morning as yours, and keep your device off for the first hour you’re awake.

Nothing to Wear

That pair of pants no longer fits. The dress you want is stuck at the dry cleaner. Nothing ever looks right with that one sweater. We’ve all been there! Planning out what you’ll wear the night before can save several minutes of grief, but a bigger step is to set aside time one weekend for cleaning out your closet and throwing away or donating the items that just don’t work anymore.

Losing Everything

Keys? Purse? Lunch? We don’t usually have the luxury of time or energy in the morning, so rushing around trying to find what you needs can become overwhelming. Take 5 minutes at night to gather your things. Keys next to purse, pack your lunch and place them in their “ready to go” spot!

Just a few helpful pointers from my latest Real Simple magazine. How many of these things are helpful to you?

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