Energy of Food – Part 2

Okay, so last week it was all about food, and our relationship to in regard to the head, heart and gut. Today we get even more science-y. Oh goody. The Energy of Food

The Energy of Food ideology can be explained very easily. All substances (including food, and all the parts of our bodies) reduce to frequencies of sound and light. Take sound for instance. All living cells generate a distinct sound, which is usually too low or too high to hear. The tone of yeast cells, for instance, lies between a C-sharp and a D (I only know these are music tones- don’t ask me anything else- I like to listen to music, but that’s about all I got). Bone cells are lower in pitch. Also, cells, organs, and bod parts generate and are affected by specific frequencies of light. Cells giving off the same gradient of light congregate together, creating recognizable and distant bands of energy. For instance, the stomach emits its frequencies, or color and sound, and the small intestine a different set.

Just as cells, body parts, and even emotions and memories pulsate at different frequencies, so do different FOODS! If you eat a tomato, its frequencies will support the bodily part hat matches the tomato’s frequency. And here’s part of the reason processed foods are bad for us- their frequency is so weak, they don’t get picked up to support any part of our body. Also, foods that don’t match any of the body’s energetic signatures can actually be harmful or dangerous. The immune sys stem will attach the mismatched foods, creating allergies, food sensitivities, and in turn, inflammation and erratic digestion.

Whew! that’s a lot to take in. Even for me. Between last week’s blog, and this weeks, my head is spinning. But it seems to me that the bottom line is pay attention to your emotional response to foods, create more joy and acceptance about the food you eat, and you’ll metabolize it better, and above all listen to your body!! It gives us hints all the time about the things we need, and often we don’t bother listening until it’s yelling at us!

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