Energy Aromatherapy of a Different Sort!

Smell coffee for energy aromatherapyWhat is energy aromatherapy? If you’re anything like me, you love you some morning coffee! Sure, it helps you wake up, but did you know that you can simply get a whiff of coffee to sharpen your mind??

According to an article in October 2018 Prevention magazine, the next time you need a brain boost, you can practice this Aromatherapy of a different sort and sniff a cup of steaming java. Yes, sniff: Simply inhaling the scent appears to just start our cognitive power, suggests a new study in Journal of Environmental Psychology. Participants who took an exam in a room that smelled like coffee scored significantly higher than those tested in an unscented room.

Researchers believe the brew’s aroma fires up the mind due to the placebo effect, which is real in its own right. So, especially if you have trouble getting to sleep if you have that afternoon caffeinated pick me up, think about getting a coffee air freshener to put near your desk or hang in your car- it’ll perk you up without the actual biological effects of caffeine.

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