Easy Breath Exercise for Relaxation


I found the following simple breathing exercise in one of my Real Simple magazines, and its worth a share:

  1. Sit comfortably and notice your breath. Breathe naturally but slowly.
  2. Now set your phone’s timer for 1 minute, close your eyes,and count each round of breathing (a round is one breath in and one breath out).
  3. When the alarm dings, count how many rounds you did.
  4. Set the timer again, only this time, even out the length of your in-breath and your out-breath.

How many rounds did you do? There’s no right number. It’s just about making your breath the most interesting thing that’s happening at the moment. Once you know how may rounds it takes for a minute to pass, count them to amuse yourself while waiting in line or to calm yourself during a long trafficky commute.

This is a great game to take part in, its no joke how powerful our breath is.

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