Boost Your Energy Morning Noon or Night!


Boost Your Energy Morning Noon or Night!

Did you know that (according to September 2018’s Prevention Magazine) American’s shell out over $12 billion for coffee, and $9 billion for energy drinks?!! Here are some excellent suggestions for natural energy boosters, and some sneaky energy stealers you may not be aware of:


If you take your shower in the morning, after you’ve taken your nice warm shower, give yourself a blast of cold. Once the initial shock wears off you’ll get an invigorating burst of energy as blood flows away from the surface of your body toward your core, kicking your circulation into gear. BONUS- An arctic blast may help your mood. One study found the icy temps help release endorphins which have a mood boosting effect.

  • Walk around: A short stroll will give you an instant hit of energy, but for lasting effects you’ll want to make a habit of it.
  • Delay your coffee: Wait til you get to work to have your coffee. Why???? Because levels of cortisol are highest in the morning- cortisol may be known as the stress hormone but it also is a potent stimulant. Drinking caffeine when your body doesn’t need it much may suppress your production of cortisol and teach your body to lean more on coffee to make up the energy difference.
  • Secret energy sapper: dehydration! If you’re tired for no good reason, have a big glass of water and see if there’s an improvement.


  • Sit up straight! Scientists at San Francisco State University confirm what your mom always taught you- Maintain an upright posture, which may improve your energy (and your mood!).
  • Breathe Better: Breathing deeply with awareness stimulates blood and oxygen flow to the brain, which can awaken he brain’s verbal and critical thinking centers.
  • Let there be light: If your’e face-planting on your keyboard, turn on a bright desk lamp or go outside for a shot of natural light. (this is my favorite afternoon slump strategy!! Amazing what a little UV will do for that post lunch “siesta” feeling)
  • Make your to-do list now, not at bedtime: Writing you your tasks and obligations generally makes your mind race. Give yourself 10-15 minutes after your midday meal to jot down what you need to do or any concerns you have- leading to a less stressful and more energetic tomorrow.
  • Beware of energy vampires! We all have friends who lift us up and those who sap our spark. But its not always obvious who is who- ask yourself these questions- Am I excited when they call? Do I feel relaxed during our get togethers? Am I 100% myself around them? Do we put equal time into our relationship? If you answered “no” to more of these questions than not, perhaps its time for some distance.


This is the worst for me!!! I leave work and somewhere about 5 minutes into my 10 minute ride home I’m exhausted!!! I’m gonna have to try some of this advice.

  • Help someone out: On your way home, let someone with only one item go in front of you at the grocery store, pick up a piece of trash on your way to your car, or pause for pedestrians. Doing something considerate can give you a boost and wipe away energy sapping stress.
  • Try a twist: (no, not in your martini) Muscle tension can sap energy but a stretch can be a good solution. ( I think this will be there one I try first- stretch before I leave for the day and see if it perks me up when I get home)
  • Turn off the news: Bad news (and c’mon, when has good news ever been the regular headlines) can activate the areas in the brain that are related to the stress response system. Not exactly a great set up for a peaceful night or peppy tomorrow. Switch it off!! Besides if you’re reading your news at night its not news anymore- wait til the morning.
  • Find your sleep sweet spot: Subtract 7.5 hours from when your alarm is set to go off and head to bed at that time. For instance, if your alarm needs to go off at 6:30, go to bed at 11. Keep it up for 5-7days, noting what happens when the alarm goes off. If you’ve been awake for a few minutes prior to the alarm, you’ve found your ideal bedtime. If your alarm usually wakes you up, it’s likely you need more sleep. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until you wakeup just before your alarm sound. I know someone who started setting an alarm to go TO bed. Okay,more of a pleasant chime to remind themselves to head to the sack. Its great so we don’t get caught keeping ourselves up too late with some mindless blather.

Hope this advice helps you boost our energy morning noon or night!

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