Body Shame: A Massage Therapists Perspective

Body shame: a massage therapists perspectiveOn average, I would say that someone apologizes to me about something to do with their body approximately three times a week. Every week. When it comes to body shame, a massage therapists perspective is completely non-judgmental.

Sometimes the apology is the ever popular apology for not having shaved their legs. I had one client ages ago who refused to get his massage until he washed his feet because he couldn’t stand the thought that they might be offensive. (Trust me, I’m not easily offended – I’ve lived in a house full of boys for the last 22 years).

Unfortunately, sometimes people apologize for their body. Their fat. Their perception that they are ugly. And that makes me sad. I see a lot of bodies, and first and foremost, most of the time the shape and size of the body doesn’t even register to me. Not thinking about it at all. I’m literally thinking about the muscles that lie beneath. I’m thinking about what you are telling me about your pain.

The average body is nowhere near what we see blasted at us in the media. Actually, those bodies portrayed in the media are so airbrushed that they aren’t what they actually look like in real life. Famous people have cellulite. And flab. And scars. They just don’t let us see it. I’ve even had conversations with potential clients who feel they could benefit from massage, but have never had the courage to get one because they are too self conscious to let a massage therapist see their body.

Massage can help repair a body image that has been damaged by images portrayed by the media. Learn about your body folks, and stop apologizing for it! And remember, there is no need to be ashamed of your body – a massage therapists perspective is focused on wellness.

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