Let’s Learn About the Chakras


About 5 times a year I get a question from various client’s asking me about Chakras. I’m far from an expert, but I took yoga for years and the term was always tossed around. Then!! I came across this explanation in one of my massage therapy journals!

Without further ado, let me share with you what it said:

Chakras are subtle energy centers that convert physical to subtle energy and vice versa. The location of the main 7 in-body chakras are:

  • seven chakrasChakra 1: The hips, its function is security.
  • Chakra 2: Abdomen, its function is emotions.
  • Chakra 3: Solar plexus, its function is mentality.
  • Chakra 4: Heart, its function is relationships.
  • Chakra 5: In the throat, and its function communication.
  • Chakra 6: Brow, its function is vision.
  • Chakra 7: In the top of forehead with a function of spirituality.

Chakras are formed from vortexes that transfer subtle energies between a chakra and the body. Ideally the energy moves fluidly, sometimes spinning clockwise and other times counterclockwise. When the energy is moving clockwise the chakra is taking in energy. It uses some of this incoming energy to make decisions about the future. When the energy is flowing counter clockwise, the chakra is releasing energy, processing information about the past and putting energy into our memory banks.

If these spins get off kilter we experience an imbalance. If a chakra’s energy is moving too fast and only clockwise, it’s stuck in future forward. Relative to that, a person could be fearful or anxious about the future. If a chakra’s energy is moving too slowly and only counterclockwise, it is over processing information about the past.

Some of this ancient wisdom makes sense, doesn’t it? We’ve all met people too future forward (cart before the horse people), and those that can’t let the past go (there’s a whole Disney song about it!).

If you’re feeling a little off-kilter, consider booking a massage appointment by giving me a call at (518) 744-2315! The power of touch can have some amazing benefits for your mind and your body. Give it a try!

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