The Myths of Happiness


5 Myths about Happiness: some bullet points from Prevention Magazine with a little artistic license on my part.

1. Money Can’t Buy You Happiness

That is a lie we tell ourselves when we don’t have enough money. Not having enough money is stressful. And just having enough money for our basic bills is stressful. The price of happiness ranges somewhat above covering our basic needs.

2. Happy People Live Longer

Good news for all you negative Nellie’s out there: there is absolutely no risk of an earlier death by being a sour puss. That said, those of us with a more positive outlook are better able to handle chronic illnesses than those without the smiles.

3. The Pursuit of Happiness Brings Joy

Nope. Placing too much of an emphasis on always seeking happiness tends to backfire and make said seekers blue.

4. More Choices Make us Happier

Choice overload can exhaust us, make us unhappy and cause us to choose not to decide! Studies have been done, and the experts agree that most people can handle 3-5 options, but more than that makes us very unhappy indeed.

5. Social Media Users with the Highest Number of “Friends” are Happier

Comparing how wonderful everyone else’s life appears on social media with your seemingly less than perfect existence can really bum you out. A study conducted in Denmark analyzed 2 groups of frequent Facebook users. The first group took a 1 week hiatus while the other was free to keep checking posts per their usual habit. At the end of the week, the abstainers reported less stress, anxiety, and more happiness than the constant users.

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